Photo by Stephanie Cabral

Dååth release the video of “Deserving Of The Grave”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 18.6.2024

The music video for the song “Deserving Of The Grave” from Dååth‘s comeback album “The Deceivers” is now released. That album, the progressive technical death metal group’s first since 2010, was released last month. The band is once more collaborating with director Gaui H Pi on their most recent video. On the track, Jeff Loomis (ex-Arch Enemy/Nevermore) performs a guest solo.

‘Deserving Of The Grave‘ was a track that started with music I came up with in my head whilst flying home from somewhere. I got home and immediately jotted down the idea and sent it to Eyal, which he turned it into an entire song. The funny thing is, Eyal gets my music brain so much that he pulled all of the Danny Elfman/Gothic-era influence out of a singular idea and made an entire epic come to life. And what’s even crazier is that Danny Elfman literally wrote the theme for Tim Burton‘s Batman in 1989 the exact same way: on a plane. This track is everything Eyal and I love about dark and moody classical/cinematic music fused together with Dååth‘s sound. The golden seal of the track is our friend Jeff Loomis ripping one of my favorite solos I’ve heard in more than a decade. Jesse Zuretti

‘Deserving Of The Grave‘ comes from a really dark place. The day it was conceived, Jesse was flying somewhere and got a strain of divine inspiration, wrote the initial idea on an airplane, and sent it to me. Simultaneously I was flying back home from witnessing the death of a loved one, and received this great idea in my email, while in a really bad mental state. Upon returning, I got to work immediately and what you’re hearing is what flowed out of that terrible place. I think it’s the darkest song on the album, and the vibe on it is real. Besides that, this song has a special place in my heart because our old buddy Jeff Loomis graced us with one of the best guitar solos I’ve heard in my entire life. And it was a long time coming. Fun fact, but Jeff and Dååth almost worked together back before the hiatus. It came so close to happening and it was one of my biggest musical disappointments. All I can say is that it was worth the wait. His solo in this song is the stuff of legends.

Eyal Levi

I had a great time recording the solo for ‘Deserving Of The Grave‘ for the new Dååth album The Deceivers! Eyal came up with a very dark background that made things easy for me when it came to putting the paint on canvas for a fitting solo. Thanks again for letting me be a part of such a musical masterpiece. Jeff Loomis