Curiosities: The hobbies of some rock stars

Author Arto Mäenpää - 25.10.2022

Rock always gives something to talk about. This musical genre has been constituted with great artists and consecrating songs that everyone knows. But the artists also have some quirks that get them talked about when they’re under the stage.

Many times, the lights of the cameras have captured different musicians in various situations that attract the attention of their followers.

These particular situations generate a lot of content for the media. And it’s also very important for fans who always want to know more about their idols lives.

It is for this reason that whenever information about the private lives of rock stars is revealed, people read the articles or spend hours in front of the television.

Animals and martial arts

One of the most emblematic cases is that of Jack White. He is one of the most famous musicians. His background includes bands like The White Stripes and The Raconteurs, for example. White always stood out on stage playing different instruments. Under the stage transcended because he practices taxidermy. This musician likes to dissect animals and turn them into display pieces.

Another particular case is that of Dave Mustaine, the leader of Megadeth and who was also a guitarist for Metallica. This musician has confessed that he likes to raise horses and also go skydiving. However, what not many knew is that he has been practicing martial arts since he was 12 years old: he has a black belt in karate and also in taekwondo. Additionally, Dave Mustaine is an ambassador for the World Takewondo Federation. Did you know?

Poker is also present

Different musicians have been fond of gambling, but there are also artists who have become professional gamblers. Glenn Frey and Don Henley were big fans of poker, for example.

These two members of the popular rock band called The Eagles have enjoyed many poker games in different parts of the world. They have even achieved a good level and have faced well-known players.

That is why it has always been said that Glenn Frey and Don Henley were big fans of poker. And they have proven it.

The trains

Neil Young and Rod Stewart are two international music legends. Nobody would ever argue with this.

What not many know is that both musicians are fans of small-scale built trains. In fact, Neil Young invested in the field and is a shareholder of Lionel LLC, one of the most recognized companies for making model trains. In addition, he has built his own models.

For his part, Rod Stewart has been collecting trains and models for more than two decades. Stewart has an exact replica of New York’s Grand Central Station. Did you imagine it? This is really surprising.

More and more hobbies

Long ago, Ozzy Osbourne himself declared that he had fun shooting objects with his pistols.

Obviously this is crazy, but it doesn’t seem to matter much to Black Sabbath‘s favorite producer. But not everything is weapons. He also entertains himself by drawing and painting, and has been recognized by his friends due to his talent.

Steve Vai is dedicated to bees. That’s right, one of the best guitarists in the world often risks his hands for bee stings. He is a beekeeper and makes his own honey to later market it for charity.

Completely changing the heading we can refer to James Martin. The musician who was featured in Faith No More is a fan of growing giant pumpkins. He started in this in 1993 and is very serious about what he does. He has even participated in events and managed to be recognized with a pumpkin of almost 500 kilos. Incredible!

With all these facts that you have read, you now know that rock and music stars also have fun and entertain themselves under the stage. And generally, they do good things.