Cultura Tres drops blasting new video for “Zombies”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 14.6.2024

Even in the midst of Sepultura’s hectic farewell tour, bassist Paulo Xisto Jr. shows no signs of slowing down. Balancing his commitments with Sepultura, Paulo continues to rock with his side project, Cultura Tres. The band has been tearing up stages across Europe and their native South America, promoting their latest album, “Camino de Brujos” (Universal Music / Outono / Bloodblast).

Their newest release is the intense track “Zombies,” a fierce blend of old-school D-beat punk with sludge and thrash metal. The accompanying video is a raw, high-energy montage, featuring live footage captured by fans during Cultura Tres‘ UK-European tour earlier this year.

Recently, Cultura Tres made headlines in South America, thanks to the “Most Popular Metal Bands Map.” This map, created by a Reddit user with data from Spotify, showcases the most listened-to metal bands in each country. Both Sepultura and Cultura Tres were highlighted, with Sepultura reigning supreme in Brazil and Cultura Tres dominating in Venezuela. Notably, Paulo Xisto Jr. is the only musician featured in two bands on this global map.

Looking ahead, Cultura Tres is already working on a follow-up to their acclaimed “Camino de Brujos” album.  
Fans won’t have to wait long to see them live again, as their next gig is set for August 11th on the main stage of the Bloodstock Open Air festival in the UK.

Watch Cultura Tres – “Zombies” 

Filmed by: Markus Krispler, Andreas Krispler & Jesus Mendoza 
Edited by: Juan Manuel De Ferrari Montoya

Cultura Tres are:

Alejandro Londono Montoya – guitar, vocals

Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr – bass

Juan M de Ferrari Montoya – guitar

Jerry Vergara Cevallos – drums