Crucifixion BR to Chaoszine: “It was worth all the effort, dedication and passion for Brazilian extreme metal. I am proud of the entire process and result”

Author Maria Goe - 27.5.2022

Active since 1996, Crucifixion Br was one of the pioneer bands to bring blackened death metal to the Brazilian metal scene. The band has a background of several tours in Brazil, a tour in Europe and being highly praised by the public in countries like Germany, Poland, and Ireland.
Recently, Crucifixion BR released their newest album “Human Decay”, which continues to be highly praised by the specialized critics.

Who told us more details about the new album, the tours and the band’s plans, were the drummer Juliana Novo, and the vocalist and guitarist Maxx Guterres.

-First, thank you for accepting the interview. I followed the band for a while and I was very impressed with your new album “Human Decay”, congratulations for the work!
Let’s start talking about it, when did the whole process of composing this album start?

Maxx: Thank you very much for the positive review regarding Human Decay and give space for us from Crucifixion BR. The record was composed over the years and has 3 tracks that are from the post “Destroying The Fucking Disciples Of Christ” era, and the rest of the songs were made later until we get into our studio in Porto Alegre, at Hurricane Estúdio. There the work was hard, we recorded in a week or so, like the metal bands of the 80s and 90s, we played shows in the South of Brazil and returned to São Paulo, where I finished mixing and producing the finalization of the album.

It was worth all the effort, dedication and passion for brazilian extreme metal. I am proud of the entire process and result.

-Crucifixion BR has always been known for strong lyrics too, with criticism of religion and society. What is the concept of the lyrics of this new album?

Maxx: Since “Destroying” it’s been an album where I’ve written things that I felt at that moment and that are still going on, but now I’ve done it in a smarter way. Human Decay, lyrically, is a sequence. But I think in a more intelligent and concrete way about religion, dogma, the universe in which people go to any kind of church and get indoctrinated, think they are goddesses and owners of everything. And you see that (church) does not work. I continue to criticize any kind of church, Christianity, etc. Another point in the lyrics is to look at us and focus on what we want for our life, drop a little bit of caring about what others think. I really believe that life is made a lot in your intention, in what you want to do. Of course, we can’t always do it, because we’re not perfect. But I think it’s the first direction.

-What are the band’s plans for 2022?

Maxx: We have plans to return to the stage to promote the new album Human Decay.

Juliana: And also to make some more clips, and a new drum playthrough.

-How would you define the essence of the band? What is your ideology?

Maxx: Our essence has always been and will be Extreme Metal aligned with obscure intelligence, productive and victorious art. We identify the current evolution as an entity of strength and justice, in a way pagans lol where what matters is just victory, personal and intellectual growth. Do it for yourself, you make your targeting, your choices, your destiny…

It’s the kind of ideology I carry is expressed in the lyrics of the Human Decay album! Check it out and come to your own conclusions. Very interesting context.

-Nowadays the blackened death metal style is more consolidated here in Brazil, but you were the main pioneers to bring this mix of influences to our culture. How was the public acceptance at the time?

Maxx: At the time, we were a little criticized by the ‘trves’ of the time that don’t even exist anymore, nor are they in metal nowadays lol, but at the same time we had a lot of respect and admiration for the metal public in general! We’ve always stayed honest to our art and our music, so we’ve stuck to it, because we’re true and we love extreme metal and dark art, which has always been the purpose of Crucifixion BR.

-And speaking of pioneers, Juliana was also one of the first women to be present in the extreme scene. Talk a little about you trajectory, difficulties you had about being a woman in the scene, what inspired you..

Juliana: Look, at the beginning of the band there were almost no women in the scene, especially musicians, so I had no female inspirations, my idols were all men, I was always in the midst of many men so my posture was always neutral, talking equally, and playing with men as equals, and of course, throughout this trajectory there were men who thought before seeing us playing: hmm this woman on the drums must be bad, for being a woman, etc, but soon they were shocked to see us playing , which was and is a lot of fun, so I’ve always been highly respected after checking out our live sound.

-What was the most memorable moment in the history of Crucifixion BR for you?

Maxx: It was when we moved to Porto Alegre RS from Rio Grande, the concert with Krisiun was a milestone at the time, as we conquered everything over time until today. Opening the Dark Funeral concert and playing with several cool Brazilian metal bands in São Paulo and Europe…. Being alive until today with Crucifixion BR and seeing our audience increasing. Very grateful to all the public that prestige us from the beginning until today.

Juliana: that’s it, the concert with Krisiun, the tour in Europe, the show with Dark Funeral, and the open air show in SBC with Torture Squad, with a crowd that discovered us at that moment and the crowd went crazy, it was amazing!

-In 2011 you played together with Dark Funeral here in Brazil, tell us about how was the experience.

Maxx: It was a unique feeling because I’m a big fan of them, all the contact with them on the backstage was great, the show was crowded and it was at Bar Opinião in Porto Alegre. The guys from Dark Funeral were kind, I was listening to their work a lot at the time, it was special, as usual the audience was insane. Another victory for Crucifixion BR, made with honor and effort. Very special night for everyone present in Rio Grande do Sul.

-And in 2015 you did the first European tour, what differences did you notice the most between the public and the extreme scene in general?

Maxx: Actually I didn’t notice much difference between the foreign metal public and the Brazilian one, it’s very similar. All over the world, there are places where people are more agitated, more receptive, others they were more regardful. There were great nights in all the countries we visited in Europe, Poland, Opole, I found it very cool, like Amsterdam, Holland… Germany was cool, in Belgium and Ireland we were also well received, we sold a lot of merchandising, we took several photos with the public, this experience was very good.

Juliana: It was awesome, I received a lot of praise as a drummer, for playing fast and with a good technique, I even received marriage proposals haha, it was a lot of fun, and there was also the tourist part, beautiful places. The audience was awesome, they enjoyed our sound even without knowing it well, and even asked for an encore!

-We are finishing the interview, would you like to send a message to the fans?

Maxx: Keep supporting CRUCIFIXION BR, follow us on social media, check out our material on YouTube, Human Decay is also on digital platforms, merchandising is already on sale with cds, t-shirts, etc. Stay strong, see you on the road soon. Hailz Soul War, headbangers from Brazil and the world. Stay Strong and Fire!

Juliana: Don’t give up on your dreams, thanks for the extreme support! Get our material on bandcamp!

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