Crossbone Skully release new track “Money, Sex, or God”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 10.5.2024

Rising new rock outfit Crossbone Skully have released the thought-provoking new track, “Money, Sex, or God” today, May 10th, via Better Noise Music. The band’s mastermind/frontman Tommy Henriksen (guitarist & musical director for Alice Cooper’s band and member of Hollywood Vampires) and guitarist Anna Cara announced the song’s release in late April following the surprise reveal of the music video for the howl-inducing song “I Am The Wolf.” Stream and/or download “Money, Sex, or God” now at

The song ‘Money, Sex, or God’ was inspired by a conversation I had while watching a tv show. On the show, they were saying everything always comes down to three things you should never talk about in life: financials, sexual preference, and religion. I immediately thought…well that’s easy…Money, $ex, or God. It was one of those songs where it rarely happens with me, that the lyrics just fell right out: ‘Pick your prize, what you gonna choose? / I bet you God, he’s gonna lose / But then…if it was up to me? You’re all gonna lose’… thank you, universe!

Tommy Henriksen

Henriksen and Cara will join listeners for the global music video premiere of “Money, Sex, or God” today at 12 P.M. ET (9 A.M. PT) via YouTube and will introduce the inspirational figure behind the band’s music, ‘Crossbone Skully’—an avenging superhero who was tasked with the mission to save humanity and fight the age-old battle of good vs evil. 

Here’s a special message from Crossbone Skully:

In the chaos of life, we’re faced with choices. Between ‘Money, Sex, or God,’ beware…for in my world, you’re all gonna lose! Because the true prize lies behind the Otherworld!

Crossbone Skully’s plight was initially shared in the ashcan comic “Thing #1 which is included and signed with all orders for the Crossbone Skully’s first offering of a series of limited-edition 7” vinyl and includes their explosive single “The Boom Went The Boom (feat. Phil Collen of Def Leppard)” and their uplifting and anthemic track “I’m Unbreakable” as its B-side. Proceeds from the sale of the limited edition 7” vinyl will be donated to the 501(c)(3) charity MusiCares. Limited copies remain HERE. He is also the main character in the upcoming animated film of the same name, “Thing #1,” which includes voiceovers from A-list actor Johnny Depp and rock icons including Alice Cooper, Nikki Sixx, Joe Perry and Kane Roberts.

Crossbone Skully is an avenging superhero from outer space, returning to earth to save the world and reconnect with his lost deity love Piper and Kyd, the son he never knew he had.  “Evil World Machine” is a rock concept album that echoes similar dystopian visions such as Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars and Diamond Dogs. The project, influenced by larger-than-life bands such as AC/DC, Alice Cooper, KISS, Iron Maiden and even the Sex Pistols, is the work of a collaborative team headed by veteran rock session bassist/guitarist Tommy Henriksen and Tommy Denander alongside the legendary Mutt Lange, who emerged from retirement to executive produce the project.

With a long history, Henriksen has also had a successful side career as a producer/mixer/arranger and songwriter for the likes of Lady Gaga, Meat Loaf, Lou Reed, Halestorm, Kesha and Daughtry.  His metamorphosis into Crossbone Skully started when Alice Cooper’s lighting man, who used to work for AC/DC, heard him singing like Bon Scott and successor Brian Johnson during a sound check–and suggested he build a solo project around it. 

The sterling group of supporting musicians includes guitarist Tommy Denander (who introduced him to Mutt Lange after collaborating on Alice Cooper’s 2017 album “Paranormal” with Bob Ezrin), keyboardist Jamie Muhoberac (My Chemical Romance, John Mayer, Seal), bassist Chris Wyse (Hollywood Vampires, Ace Frehley, the Cult, Ozzy Osbourne) and drummer Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper, Hollywood Vampires), the late UFO bassist Pete Way, mixer Olle Romo (Muse, Bryan Adams) and producer/mixer Mike Plotnikoff (AC/DC, Aerosmith), who helped get him noticed by Allen Kovac’s Better Noise Records. Making spoken-word appearances are Johnny Depp as the voice of “The Sorcerer,” along with Alice Cooper as “The Bringer of Light,” Joe Perry as “Big Bad Bone Crusher” and Nikki Sixx as “The Crooked Crow,” with Kane Roberts as “Alpha Watchman,” among other guests. Henriksen developed the voice of Crossbone Skully with a vocal app that makes him sound like a disembodied Stephen Hawking. Iconic creative/art director Mark Wilkinson, who designed for Iron Maiden, Marillion, Judas Priest and The Darkness, created the Crossbone Skully album cover.