Crazy Town’s Shifty Shellshock allegedly died from drug overdose

Author Lucia Bellapianta - 28.6.2024

After last week’s passing of Shifty Shellshock (aka Seth Binzer), vocalist of the band Crazy Town, new information about the man’s death has been revealed. According to his rep, Howie Hubberman, Shifty died due to an accidental overdose. The man had been found dead in his residence in Los Angeles past Monday, June 24th. Hubberman told Rolling Stone:

“Seth has been struggling with substance abuse problems for quite sometime. Seth was not happy with the daily struggle that’s called life. Some people cope in many different ways. It’s unfortunate we lose so many people to addiction and accessibility to harmful drugs. Shifty was a real-life tragedy. Too fast, too hard, too soon.”

Shifty Shellshock had issues with addiction throughout his whole life. The first time he told the public about his problems was in 2008, as he appeared on two seasons of “Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew”. At that time, he tried to get clean and out of his addiction to crack cocaine. The singer had many attempts to get clean, but struggled also years after that TV appearance. In 2023 a bloody backstage brawl with his bandmate Bobby Reeves reached the public eye. In May 2023 Shifty Shellshock openly discussed his problems with addiction in the song “Faded”.