Cradle Of Filth’s Dani Filth to Chaoszine: “We got 20 million+ streams last year and I got paid less than a 100 euros for those”

Author Arto Mäenpää - 22.11.2021

British extreme metallers Cradle of Filth released their 13th studio album “Existence Is Futile” on October 22nd via Nuclear Blast Records. Pieced together in isolation, at Grindstone Studios in Suffolk with studio guru Scott Atkins (Devilment, Benediction, Vader), “Existence Is Futile” is a pitch-black, perverse and at times absurdly brutal and extreme masterpiece following a truly nihilistic concept:

“The album is about existentialism, existential dread and fear of the unknown. The concept wasn’t created by the pandemic. We’d written it long before that began, but the pandemic is the tip of the cotton-bud as far as the way the world is headed, you know? I guess the title, ‘Existence Is Futile’, does sound a little morbid. But again, it’s more about recognizing that truth and saying that everything is permitted because nothing really matters, which mimics the occultist Aleister Crowley’s maxim. We all know we’re going to die, so we might as well indulge life while we possess it. The final track on the album — ‘Us, Dark, Invincible’ — really drives that point home. Also, the artwork for this record was created by the Latvian visionary Arthur Berzinsh, who also dressed the last two albums, and that reeks of the exceedingly beautiful yet apocalyptic too.”– Dani Filth

Diehard fans will be thrilled to learn that horror icon Doug “Pinhead” Bradley makes a welcome return to the Cradle Of Filth fold, lending his dulcet tones to the band’s most politically astute song to date, the epic “Suffer Our Dominion” as well as the album bonus track “Sisters Of The Mist“, which is the conclusion to the “Her Ghost In The Fog” trilogy that started over 20 years ago on the infamous and classic “Midian”.

Chaoszine had the chance recently to catch up with Dani Filth and ask him about the recent US tour the band did middle of the pandemic, the new “Existence Is Futile” album as well as about the record release show the group played for the album at the legendary London venue Roundhouse. You can check out the full interview below:

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You can listen to “Existence Is Futile” album below: