Cradle of Filth hits studio for new album recordings

Author Arto Mäenpää - 20.3.2024

Cradle of Filth has officially announced their return to the studio to commence work on their upcoming full-length album.

The news was confirmed by the U.K-based band through keyboardist/vocalist Zoë M. Federoff, who shared insights from their recent studio session on Instagram.

“Tired AF, but feeling solid after day one in the studio for the new @cradleoffilth album,” Federoff remarked. “I completely agree with Dani’s take on this being a very Dusk/Midian vibe this go around. These new songs are so fresh, exciting, dynamic, and immersive – I can’t say any more except prepare to be blown clean away by a straight-up set of bangers. Bloody hell, as they say on this side of the pond.”

This album marks Cradle of Filth‘s first release since their 2021 album, “Existence Is Futile.”

In addition to their studio endeavors, Cradle of Filth has surprised fans with an unexpected collaboration with pop sensation Ed Sheeran. Despite the unlikely pairing, the two artists have reportedly been working together for some time. In an interview with Metalshop frontman Dani Filth shared insights into the collaboration’s timeline.

“The song’s been done now for about a year and two months. It was done just before Christmas 2022. And the reason for the delay is because we had plans for it, and then his management said, ‘Well, he’s releasing a record. Can’t do it now.’ ‘He’s doing this. Can’t do it now.’ So we’ve got a plan for it. It’s gonna actually go on our new record, which is due out the end of this year.”