Courtney Love shares Kurt Cobain’s unused lyrics for Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

Author Flavia Andrade - 18.5.2023

Courtney Love recently shared unpublished lyrics by Kurt Cobain that were supposed to be used for Nirvana‘s 1991 song “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

Love revealed the lyrics on Rob Harvilla’s podcast “60 Songs That Explain The ‘90s”, where she also shared memories about Cobain, such as how he wrote the song “Dumb” in just 20 minutes when the couple were together in Amsterdam.

Of the unused lyrics for “Smells Like Teen Spirit“, Love says:

“Some of these were in these journals, and some of them are unpublished.”

She proceeds to recite the lyrics:

“Come out and play / make up the rules / I know I hope / to buy the truth / who will be the king and queen / of all the outcasted teens.

We’re so lazy / and so stupid / blame our parents / and the cupids / a deposit, for a bottle / stick it inside / no role model.” 

Courtney also shares another draft of lyrics:

“We merge ahead this special day / this day giving amnesty to sacrilege / A denial / and from strangers / a revival / and from favours / here we are now / we’re so famous / here we are now / entertain us.”