Ciclonautas announces Argentinian tour

Author Hernan Osuna - 17.1.2024

Spanish rockers Ciclonautas have announced an upcoming Argentinian tour as part of their 10-year career.

The trio, made up of Marea drummer Alén Ayerdi, Mai Medina (vocals, guitar) and Javier “Txo” Pintor (bass) will play two dates in the South American country. They will perform at The Roxy Live in Buenos Aires on February 17 and at the Centro Cultural Gûemes in Rosario on February 23.

The band, who will be performing songs from their albums “Qué tal?”, “Bienvenidos los muertos” and “Camping del hastío”, will be supported by Mica Racciatti at both concerts. The group consists of Mica Racciatti (vocals), Denis Martínez (bass), Manu López (guitar) and Nahuel Meiners (drums).