Chuck Billy: “Epic song” in the works for new Testament album

Author Flavia Andrade - 4.10.2022

As we all know, Testament is planning to release a new album in 2023, with Dave Lombardo finally back behind the drum kit.

Frontman Chuck Billy told The Metal Voice that the band has plans to put out the follow up to 2020’s “Titans of Creation” next year, but they need to complete their existing engagements before really getting into the process.

In Chuck Billy‘s words:

“October 15th is the last show of this tour, so we’ll work right up to Christmas and then right after New Year’s we’ll get right back at it. I know Eric (Peterson) and Alex (Skolnick) have been working and jamming together and I hear there’s an epic song that’s been created. I haven’t heard it yet but I hear it’s epic, that’s all they say. It’s epic. That’s the word they throw at me so we’ll see. I think Testament will always stay in the vein of Testament and not not follow Trends or follow what’s hip today. We want to kind of stay Testament because I hear it from fans when you talk to them. They always say, thank you for being who you are for so long, so we just have to continue that.”