Christmas has never been so metal – review of Raskasta Joulua’s “Viides Adventti”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 15.11.2022

A fire is burning into the fireplace… this is how we’ve welcomed into the new Raskasta Joulua Christmas album, “Viides Adventti”. Then, a male voice starts singing, accompanied by just a few instruments. A choir, the band and the orchestra then joyfully unite, singing “Gaudate!” which makes the intro even more majestic. “Rakkain Lahjoistani”, brilliantly performed by Antti Railio, is soon followed by “Avaruus”, sung by Noora Louhimo, with the melody and music covering “Walking in the Air”, the notorious Howard Blake song. The superb guitar, played by Erkka Korhonen, gives the songs a heavy vibe, yet very festive, which is not an easy thing to achieve. 

The record proceeds with “Kaksi Kynttilää” featuring Marko Hietala; I could say many positive things about this, but I will describe the rendition of this incredible track as nothing but spectacular. Nailed from top to bottom! The feelings and the atmosphere captured are simply outstanding. If you don’t believe in Christmas, you have to absolutely listen to this next song, “Jouluun Uskotaan”, flawlessly performed by Pekka Heino. His voice would be able to convince even the more sceptical!

“Viides Adventti” continues to surprise and amaze with Tony Kakko singing “Hiljaisuus”, but it’s time for a change of pace, I believe. In fact, the next tracks will all include either duets or the whole group effort, starting with “Vinter”, with Elize Ryd and Tommy Karevik leading the song. The gentleness of Ryd’s voice paired with Karevik’s throaty and deep tone is just perfect. What a delightful fresh track is the next one, “Kyllä Pukki Tietää”, with JP Leppäluoto and Ilja Jalkanen alternating on vocals. I would make listen to this song to whoever is approaching the metal genre because it is just genius!

And now it’s also time for a proper cover, with “Stars” (originally by Hear ‘n Aid) with everyone joining in, as well as the late Kimmo Blom. This song is now even more powerful and meaningful than ever. The digital version of this album finishes with “Kehtolaulu”, with the same cast as the previous track, but the choir comes back also. This lullaby is the cherry on top of this fantastic record. 

The physical copy will also include three live songs, “Me Käymme Joulun Viettohon”, “1939”, and “Sydämeeni Joulun Teen”. In conclusion, this album is very well-balanced, structured and pleasant to listen to. Time goes by, and you don’t even notice it! It will definitely be my number one choice for these upcoming festivities. 


  1. Gaudete!
  2. Rakkain lahjoistani – Antti Railio
  3. Avaruus – Noora Louhimo
  4. Kaksi kynttilää – Marko Hietala
  5. Jouluun uskotaan – Pekka Heino
  6. Hiljaisuus – Tony Kakko
  7. Vinter – Elize Ryd – Tommy Karevik
  8. Kyllä pukki tietää – J-P Leppäluoto & Ilja Jalkanen
  9. Stars – Kaikki (Myös Kimmo Blom)
  10. Kehtolaulu – Kaikki