Checkmate humanity: We Come For War’s new single sends you into “Oblivion”

Author Oussama El Ouadie - 5.6.2023

Your (not so) friendly neighborhood deathcore band We Come For War strikes, and it’s a panzer strike.

We Come For War are declaring WWIII on the world, and they are finally on the verge of releasing their long awaited debut EP.

The full potential of the Moroccan technical/progressive deathcore band is not a secret anymore, and it’s only confirmed now. “Oblivion” is the perfect teaser for what is to be a reference in Moroccan metal.

This single is a statement for those who call deathcore a vulgar accumulation of “0s and 1s” on the guitar, as each riff is a lesson in virtuosity and technique, and to make the “technique vs efficiency” debate trickier, the sheer brutality of each section of the song is as remarkable as its complexity.

This makes for an all-round complete song, where the diversity of influences is felt front to end, the drums are effortlessly intricate, making it seem like a routine rock song when the most skilled drummers would struggle to wrap their head around playing it.

The vocals are haunting, and so low they seem like the growl of an underground hound trapped in the depth of the sewers, trying to escape and smash civilization into oblivion. Contrasting that is a piece of clean, soothing singing that perfectly fits into the violence of this crushing oeuvre, which left me in awe of the eclecticism that the metal genre can bear within itself.

Look out for the EP, it’s coming your way this summer.