Charly Zurcher drops music video for “Late”

Author Hernan Osuna - 18.6.2024

Argentinian pop-rock artist Charly Zurcher has unveiled a new music video for his song “Late“. Watch the clip below.

The clip was shot entirely in Argentina and directed by Lucas Casatti, who was involved in the creative aesthetic process of the video from the moment he heard the song, taking an active part in the script, casting, artwork and direction.

Commenting on the track, Charly Zurcher states: “Late” is a song about the misunderstanding between two people who choose to be together, but due to different situations or circumstances, this union does not end up coming together because of the desynchronisation of the times of what each one feels. It is a song about a love that could not be“.

He adds: “The idea in the video clip was developed to represent each person’s uniqueness has when it comes to dealing with the frustration of losing someone valuable. For this purpose, the participation of several actresses representing different models of healing through a characteristic element of discharge such as a flower (to remember), a bandage (not to look), a binocular (to only see what I want), a car (to escape the pain), a key and a drawer (to keep precious things), among other things”.

Charly Zurcher is an Argentinian singer and songwriter influenced by Britpop and the music of artists such as Keane, Kings of Leon, Radiohead and The Killers, among others.

His album “Eleven” (2020) was recorded at Lion Share Studios in Los Angeles (USA) with award-winning producer Humberto Gatica, known for his work with Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, Michael Bublé and Justin Bieber.

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