“Cancel culture” hits Metallica: a TikTok user accuses Metallica of a troubled past, racism and antisemitism

Author Samuel Järvinen - 9.8.2022

Metal giants Metallica have gained a lot of young fans after the band’s hit “Master Of Puppets” was played in the latest season of the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things”.

However, the widespread new visibility among young people has now led to a discussion, particularly on TikTok, a social media channel popular with young people, about Metallica’s “controversial past”, which makes it a bad idea to be a fan of the band.

In a TikTok video, a user named Serena Trueblood raises some of the issues she finds problematic. One of these is the famous Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield joint photo of the duo making a Nazi salute. Another is the Iron Cross symbol on Hetfield’s guitar. The video also shows former bassist Jason Newsted marching on stage and making a Nazi salute.

You can watch the full video and the allegations below.


I find it intersting that they only cared about gatekeeping in their fandom when they started getting big agaib from Stranger Things. Thy only care about what lines theor pockets #metallica #metal #isyourfavproblematic #stanculture #cancelculture #fyp p.s. sorry dad #greenscreen #greenscreenvideo

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