Buryfication unleash hell with their debut EP Leviathan

Author Oussama El Ouadie - 5.2.2023

The fine line between black metal’s darkness and death metal’s brutality, Buryfication’s debut EP sets the tone for a very atmosphere to expect from the Finnish outlet.

Tight blast beats, and blazing riffs, a perfectly controlled speed, with a very loose production that makes the contrast very captivating. Definitely hooked into how the band took the best from all their influences.

The EP is mean and evil, but incredibly brutal as well, smashing through your playlist like a panzer in the middle of war. In the middle of the tremolos, the low growls and the high shrieks that paint the warfront, you can feel the smoothness of songwriting this band has. Be it the songwriting or the release as a whole, you don’t get bored while you’re dragged from a song to another. And the end is almost to abrupt, as it leaves you wanting more.

Looking forward to upcoming releases, but also for how this EP would look in front of a live audience.