Burning Witches announces new album “The Dark Tower”

Author Hernan Osuna - 22.2.2023

Swiss/Dutch heavy metal all-female quintet Burning Witches will release its brand new album, “The Dark Tour”, on May 5 through Napalm Records. You can see the official music video for the LP’s title track below.

The band coments on their new opus: “”Wow, that was quick, right? Album No. 5 is already done and we are back with the brand-new single ‘The Dark Tower’. The title track of the new record will fit perfectly into our set list with its relentless beat, the truly epic riffs and the striking but melodic vocals!

The theme of Elizabeth Bathory and her infamous ‘blood countess’ reputation was a fantastic inspiration for a breathtaking video clip. We all could relate to the story and its creepy saga and knew from the beginning it would be a new highlight in the Witches history!. Last but not least, we want to thank the fans that supported us here and played the extras, in this very emotional and creepy little ride! Enjoy the clip!”, they added.

“The Dark Tower” tracklist:

01-Rise Of Darkness
02-Unleash The Beast
04-Evil Witch
05-World On Fire
07-House Of Blood
08-The Dark Tower
09-Heart Of Ice
10-Arrow Of Time
11-Doomed To Die
12-Into The Unknown
13-The Lost Souls