Bullet For My Valentine to embark on “The Poison” anniversary tour in 2025

Author Hernan Osuna - 19.12.2023

Welsh metal band Bullet For My Valentine‘s singer-guitarist Matt Tuck has released an official recap of the band’s year. According to him, the band has completed all of its scheduled shows in support of the band’s self-titled album.

The outfit will now take a break from touring to write music for their upcoming album, their eighth in a row. Tuck also hints at the band’s big plans for 2025, the 20th anniversary of their debut album “The Poison”. You can read Tuck’s summary of the year below.

So that’s a wrap on 2023 and the entire touring cycle of our self titled 7th studio album. 26 months of touring the world ending last week in Japan. Tokyo and Osaka it was an honour as always and we thank you for all your love and energy. You guys are the best.

What a wild couple of years it’s been. We wanna say a huge thank you to all the BFMV fans all across the world for your continued support and love for our band. We hit 20 years of being a band this year and feels like we’re just getting started.

2024 is a year for us to unwind, relax, reflect and appreciate all we have and accomplished on this cycle and over the last 20 years. We owe it all to you guys and we cannot thank you enough. When the time is right we’ll be heading into the studio to make our 8th album, and trust me, you aint heard nothing yet. The best really is still to come.

Things will be a little quiet here for the next couple months whilst we regroup and take some down time, however, we have a massive announcement to make soon that will make 2025 be a very special year for us so stay tuned for that. So until then have an amazing Christmas and holiday season everybody. We love you all. This is BFMV signing off. See you on the other side.