Bruce Dickinson plans to work on a new solo album in 2022

Author Samuel Järvinen - 6.1.2022

Bruce Dickinson, lead singer of British metal legends Iron Maiden, has also released solo albums during his career, the most recent being 2005’s “Tyranny Of Souls”. So it’s been a while since Dickinson released an album outside Maiden. In September, Dickinson said he had already done some work on his next solo album.

Now, in a recent interview with Loudwire, Dickinson goes into more detail about his plans for 2022. Dickinson still has some spoken word touring to do, after which he will continue working on his solo album.

 “I am obviously coming over to America to do the one-man [spoken-word] show. When I get to the end of the one-man show thing at the end of March, then the idea is I’ve got about three weeks cooling my heels somewhere. I’ll lie down in a darkened room for a couple of days and recover from the tour and then put my singing head on and go and have a chat with Roy [‘Z’ Ramirez]. ‘Cause we’ve already got a bunch of material, but we need to organize it a little bit. We have demos and everything, but we need to organize it a bit more properly and be a bit more serious about it — maybe write a few more tunes. And then basically leave it down to Roy. [Once] we’ve got what we wanna do, he can go off and start doing backing tracks and things like that”, Dickinson says and continues:

“Obviously, I’m gonna be going out on tour with Maiden, but we made ‘Tyranny Of Souls’ that way. ‘Tyranny Of Souls’ was done not exactly remotely — well, kind of remotely in that I wasn’t physically present when some of the backing tracks were done but he sent me the backtracks and I listened to them and went, ‘These are cool.’ And some of them I wrote the words to the backtracks, and the tunes and everything. And some of them we had already done. So mixing and matching like that sometimes gets great results.”