Photo by Sini Sulkakoski

Bring Me the Horizon’s Oliver Sykes shares his opinion on their song “Medicine”

Author Lucia Bellapianta - 27.6.2024

In a recent performance in Germany, Oliver Sykes, vocalist of Bring Me the Horizon, has responded in a quite unpleasant, but funny way to the question of playing “Medicine” as the next song of their performance.

“‘Medicine’? Are you guys all right? You guys would like to hear “Medicine“? Even I think that song is shit.”

This song was a massive hit in 2019 and a part of the band’s sixth album “Amo”, which was released in the same year. Back then it was criticized by a few metalheads as having to much of a “pop” sound for a Bring Me the Horizon song. Bring Me the Horizon has definitely had a big change in sound during their career. Looking at the band’s new album “Post Human:Nex Gen” and comparing it to other albums, such as 2013 “Sempiternal” and 2008 “Suicide Season”, showcases the bands wide range in different styles throughout the years. Even though the singer now responded in a quite dismissively way about the song “Medicine”, the song is still loved by a lot of fans. The change in sound, especially for Bring Me the Horizon, is a natural thing is a band’s career.