Bring Me The Horizon’s new album contains a hidden piece now revealed

Author Benedetta Baldin - 30.5.2024

Fans of Bring Me the Horizon have uncovered a secret component of the group’s alternate reality gaming campaign, which they are still delving into in “Post Human: NeX GEn”. When a listener opened the file in audio editing software after noticing something strange about the noise at the end of the song “Dig It,” they discovered that the music contained an encoded spectrogram. This information was shared via the Bring Me the Horizon subreddit. After that, the listener managed to scan the QR code within, which points to a secret webpage. Upon using the website, users are first prompted to provide their serial number. 

TechCrunch reports that the serial number on the cover image, which features the head of a character named M8, is 93934521. Reddit users have conjectured that fans can locate previously unreleased tunes by exploring further within the website. Some have speculated that they might be demos for instruments.

There have also been rumours of hidden easter eggs, passwords that haven’t been cracked, and directories on the website that are ciphered. As the Reddit thread tries to analyze all that users have discovered thus far, you are welcome to go down the rabbit hole. TechCrunch said that the website itself was the target of a “hack” attempt on the first day of operation, as enthusiasts tried to explore further and discover everything. The website was momentarily taken down by the developers, who advised fans not to try to hack it.

It appears user/s have been illicitly hacking into the M8 server to decode hidden secrets. It’s my duty to inform you that this behaviour is both naughty and counterproductive! You see, the whole idea of this program is to unravel the mysteries at a tantalizing pace, allowing everyone to enjoy the thrill of discovery. By bypassing the system and sharing the secrets prematurely, you’re spoiling the fun for everyone. M8