Bring Me The Horizon drops video for “Top 10 staTues tHat CriEd bloOd”

Author Lucia Bellapianta - 7.6.2024

The British band Bring Me The Horizon published the music video for their song “Top 10 staTues tHat CriEd bloOd” from the new album “POST HUMAN: NeX GEn”, that came out on the 24th of may this year. This album is the second of a previous planned series of four projects under the ‘Post Human’ name. BMTH’s latest EP came out in 2020 with the name “POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR”.  

This is the sixth music video published of this album, but all videos seem to tell different stories. The thing that connects them all are the quite negative lyrics and the portrayal of a new, but seemingly bad world.

The lyrics of the song tell:

“Cos I’m starting to realise
No one’s gonna come and
Rescue me I’m drowning in my sleep
The scars have got too deep
And no amount of love could
Set you free
The fight’s inside
I’ll take myself to hell and back
Tonight we go to war”

As the lyrics begin in a negative way, also the music video starts out in a depressive way. A young girl, who carries a backpack filled with air, which she seems to need to be able to survive, wanders around a left behind big hall. This hall seems to have been left behind for a long time, because there are plants growing everywhere. As she wanders through this lost place her thoughts take her back to a past time, where a fight took place in the middle of this room, filled with people partying. All the scenes have a sci-fi look to it, as cyborgs seem to be common in this world.

There are some lines though later in the song that are surprisingly positive and speak of hope.

“Cos I know
That you’re low
But once you hit the bottom
At Least there’s nowhere to go but up”

“The hardest thing you’ll ever know
IS there’s no love like your own”

Oliver Sykes, singer of BMTH, spoke about this in an interview with Kerrang!.

“I had to really work on myself through those years. And there’s so much that I realised, and so much of it is quite cliché and quite cheesy, about talking about having to become someone that you love, and you can say to yourself, ‘I love myself,’ and all these things that are quite self-help book-y. I had to get all these things into the record. But at the same time, I can’t just shout it like that. […] The way we did it, or the way I did, it was actually burying all those messages in there. There’s a lot of secrets, and a lot of hidden things, and a lot of stuff that’s there for people to find out if they want to dig deeper.” Oliver Sykes, singer of BMTH

As the song is about to end, we see exactly this positive message also in the music video. The girl is able to take off her tube giving her air and she can breathe freely again, as she is surrounded by plants. It seems like the bad things about the past, that she saw moments before, are finally over and there is space for hope. The music video ends as she looks at the camera and smiles.

Production wise the music video for this song is as good as all the others from this album. It is made in a way that it feels like a movie when you watch it. The scenes are thrilling and the visuals are beautifully done. They help you immerse yourself in this new world. For the video credits these following names are made under the music video: director: @harrylindleyfilm, producer: @danmassiephoto, production company: @electric_light_studios.

And for a last bonus: If you look closely, the little robot seen in this music video is also portrayed on the album cover.