Brazilian power metal outfit Auro Control signs with Japanese record label for distribution of their debut album

Author Daniel Agapito - 16.2.2024

Auro Control, a Bahian Prog/Power Metal band led by vocalist Lucas de Ouro, has caught the attention of the renowned Japanese label, Avalon Records, signing a contract for the worldwide release of its first full-length studio album “The Harp”, scheduled for the first half of 2024.

“The Harp” is an ambitious album, uniting the greatness of Power Metal with the depth of Prog Metal and the richness of Bahian percussion, resulting in a unique and surprising sound. The album, recorded at Estúdio Fusão, in São Paulo, and produced by Thiago Bianchi, will feature the participation of Bianchi himself (Noturnall, ex-Shaman), Aquiles Priester (W.A.S.P., ex-Angra), Bahian singer Aiace, as well as two other icons of world Heavy Metal that should be revealed soon. In its Japanese version, the album will feature an exclusive bonus track.

Founded in 1997, Avalon Records is one of the most traditional heavy metal labels in history, having its headquarters in Japan, and being responsible for the distribution of Auro Control’s debut throughout Asia. The label is the same one that released Andre Matos‘ work on Asian soil and is in its current cast with bands such as Sonata Arctica, Sodom, Candlemass, Cradle of Filth, Grim Reaper, H.E.A.T., Heaven Shall Burn, Masterplan, Rainbow, UDO, Uriah Heep, among many other renowned artists around the world.

Auro Control was founded in 2021 and has in its lineup the aforementioned vocalist Lucas de Ouro, as well as bassist Thiago “Bonga” Baumgarten (Hibria), guitarists Lucas Barnery (Solo) and Diego Pires (Warlord, Beyond Frequencies) and drummer Davi Britto (Nomin, Dream Theater Cover).

Learn more about the band through the website, through @aurocontrol on Instagram, or through the Instagram of their PR team @hellyeah_music

Original text (in Portuguese) by Hellyeah Music