Brazilian metal band AttracthA drops new song “No!”

Author Daniel Agapito - 22.4.2024

On April 1st, brazilian metal outift AttracthA released its latest music video “No!“, which portrays the clikmax of the story of the recently released conceptual album “Lex Talionis“, where the protagonist is forced to make a choice he doesn’t want .

This is the first video clip in which the band uses actors to portray a piece of history where a key turning point occurs in the trajectory of the entire album.

According to Humberto Zambrin, the band’s drummer, making a great music video was a necessity:

“For all of us in the band, it was always obvious that the track “No!” should have a video and suddenly be the best video we could make. This is an important song, because it is where the transition point in the character’s life, the main character of the story, is created. So, in addition to being a song with a lot of energy, lots of variations, lots of cool stuff, it is also practically the prequel. -the culmination of everything we wrote in “Lex Talionis“. So, obviously, we wanted to make a different release for this clip and so it was, as a surprise to everyone on April 1st to find out that we weren’t joking”

Watch now:

Clip production: Cabret Films
Director: Nic Darwin / Marcelo Takeshi
Production: Marcelo Takeshi
Director of photography: Nic Darwin
Camera: Nic Darwin
Editing: Nic Darwin
Post-production:/ VFX: Nic Darwin
Actor: Lucas Nascimento