Brazilian black metal outift Vazio reveals details of their new album, “Necrocosmos”

Author Daniel Agapito - 31.1.2024

“Eterno Aeon Obscuro”‘s sucessor is expected to be released in March.

The black metal band Vazio, which features Renato Gimenez (vocals and guitar), Eric Cavalcante (guitar), Nilson Slaughter (bass) and Daniel Vecchi (drums), announced the release of its second full album, “Necrocosmos”, maintaining the mortuary themes present in their debut, the acclaimed “Eterno Aeon Obscuro”.

Recorded and produced by the band themselves at the Sinfonia de Cães studio over the course of a year and a half, the new work delves into the depths of the realms of the dead and their mysteries, exploring influences from quimbanda, Brazilian necromancy and philosophy. Inspired by the lyrics, adding meaning and artistic context to Vazio‘s work, the cover and other arts are paintings and illustrations by artist Rafael Frattini, who previously collaborated with the band on “Eterno Aeon Obscuro”.

Renato Gimenez, responsible for the lyrics and most of the compositions, describes the album as a bolder and more sophisticated work, which offers high-level extreme black metal.

“Musically, it’s a more daring album, as we left the comfort of making an album like the previous one. I see “Necrocosmos” as a more sophisticated continuation, I could say. This is an album that provides high-level extreme black metal for the most devoted devotees. Radicals and even those recently introduced to the genre will be able to understand the message”

– Renato Gimenez

The repertoire presents a variety of experimental and ritualistic sounds, such as the track “O Despertar do Okutá“, which features the participation of the artist Luís Tykyra, inserting synthesizers alongside the drums from Escola Utakizabula. The closing track, “Eteuê Eteuá Kotô Shiuá“, pays homage to the “Povo das Matas”, relating Brazilian indigenous spirituality to the band’s work.

Track listing:
01 – Escuridão, Seja Minha Guia
02 – Cerimônia dos Espíritos Primordiais
03 – Oráculo de Ossos
04 – Necrocosmos
05 – O Despertar do Okutá
06 – As Lágrimas que Regam os Túmulos
07 – Funeral Astral
08 – Reino das Almas
09 – Legiões da Chama Negra
10 – Eteuê Eteuá Kotô Shiuá

“Necrocosmos” will be available on CD (in Brazil) through Xaninho Discos, Black Hole Productions, Misanthropic Records, Excarnation Records and Sinfonia de Cães. The first single/video clip, “Escuridão Seja Minha Guia“, is scheduled for release in February and was produced by Dani Montero from Harta Produciones, featuring live footage of the band’s performances at various shows.