DF-02815_r – Rami Malek stars as Freddie Mercury in Twentieth Century Fox’s BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY. Photo Credit: Alex Bailey.

Bohemian Rhapsody screenwriter takes legal action for unpaid profits: the film is said to be $51 million in red

Author Samuel Järvinen - 19.11.2021

Bohemian Rhapsody, the 2018 blockbuster film about rock legends Queen, has grossed more than $900 billion at the box office worldwide. However, now the film’s screenwriter Anthony McCarten has filed a lawsuit seeking compensation, according to Deadline’s reporting.

McCarten is accusing producer Graham King and GK Films of breach of contract. McCarten says that according to the contract, he was to receive 5% of GK Films’ share, but producer Graham King had moved the contract to Fox. As a result, McCarten has not received a penny.

However, 20th Century Studios, formerly Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, reports that the film is $51 million in the red, despite all its success.

McCarten says he “was aware of the reputation major studios have for snatching losses from the jaws of profits-most notably, by “defining” profits in byzantine ways and then applying arbitrary, onerous distribution fees administrative fees, overhead fees, etc.”