Blood Red Throne’s Nonagon sets the death metal world ablaze

Author Oussama El Ouadie - 22.1.2024

Blood Red Throne unleashes their eleventh opus, “Nonagon,” a powerful follow-up to the impactful “Imperial Congregation” that seized our attention a couple of years ago. My anticipation for this release was met with an overwhelming satisfaction as it effortlessly surpassed my expectations.

Remaining deeply rooted in their musical identity, “Nonagon” seamlessly maintains the same attitude, riffing intensity, approach, production style, and distinctive guitar tones that have become synonymous with the band. The album serves as a testament to Blood Red Throne’s commitment to forging their own musical path and solidifying their unique identity. Identifying a Blood Red Throne song is now unmistakable, characterized by a signature riff, a resonating bass slap, a relentless blast beat, or a captivating lead work.

Ivan Gujic and Dod, have elevated their collaboration to extraordinary heights, achieving absolute symbiosis and complementarity. Their synergy produces a relentless onslaught of brutal riffs seamlessly contrasted with lead work as smooth as the ocean waves. Freddy Bolso’s drumming emerges as a forceful presence, unleashing aggressive blast beats that resonate like a relentless hammering, while Stian Gundersen’s bass tone adds to the amalgamation of elements, spawning a colossal musical beast.

Adding another dimension to the album is the notable change in vocals. While the previous album’s vocals were commendable, this alteration introduces a dynamic range of screams, each accentuating different emotions. The new singer, Sindre Wathne Johnsen skillfully navigates between deep guttural lows and soaring high screams, creating a captivating contrast that enhances the overall sonic experience.

In conclusion, “Nonagon” stands as another formidable offering from the Norwegian juggernauts, propelling them to potentially greater heights. The anticipation of witnessing these tracks performed live only adds to the excitement, making the album a worthy addition to Blood Red Throne‘s impressive discography.