Blood Red Shoes: Album released, tour cancelled

Author Stefanie Nysand - 14.1.2022

Today is the day of the release of Blood Red Shoes‘ latest opus “Ghosts On Tape” which was teased beforehand with the single releases “Morbid Fascination“, “I Am Not You” and “Murder Me“.

“GHOSTS ON TAPE is out now everywhere! It’s pretty wild to have made it this far. When we started out thrashing about in a practice room in 2004 we didn’t even consider the idea we would make an album at all. So yeh we’re very proud to have survived this long and very proud of this new one. Go pick up a copy!”

– Blood Red Shoes

“Ghosts On Tape” is Blood Red Shoes‘ 6th studio album and released via Jazz Life.

On a less joyful note, the British alternative rock duo had to cancel their tour through Europe and the United Kingdom which was supposed to start on 18 January 2022 in Bristol.

“We naively thought we might make it through this without having to write one of these posts. But here we are. We have taken the difficult decision to cancel our upcoming album tour in UK, Europe and Russia, for obvious reasons. To be honest, calling it a ‘decision’ isn’t really accurate as it’s not like we have any control over any of the factors in this. So please contact wherever you bought a ticket to get a refund. Obviously we are already working on how and when we can add new tour dates, and as soon as we know more we will inform everyone. It’s a heartbreaking situation for us because playing live is central to what we do and to who we are. We really really thought that planning a tour 2 years after Covid first hit would work out. We were wrong and we’re really sorry to everyone who has made plans and was looking forward to this. So were we. […] Part of how we make an album real to us is to take it around the world and share it in real time with real people (that’s YOU). Not being able to have that human engagement, to feel people connecting to it, loud and direct in a venue, is brutal for us. We put a huge amount of heart and soul and imagination into this album and we would hate for it to evaporate away because a pandemic nuked our ability to tour it. […] We really hope to see you soon, one way or another.”

– Blood Red Shoes