Blink-182: Mark Hoppus shares heartfelt thanksgiving message

Author Jad - 30.11.2021

After winning a battle with stage 4-A Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, Blink-182‘s Mark Hoppus spent his Thanksgiving reflecting on where he was last summer compared to where he is now. You can check out his heartfelt Instagram post below:


Hoppus was diagnosed with cancer in late April. According to the Lymphoma Research Foundation, Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma is the most common type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma worldwide. More than 18,000 individuals are diagnosed with the disease every year. His mother previously battled the same type of cancer and beat it.

Hoppus spent his spring and summer going through chemotherapy, and compared his first round to being electrocuted by a fence or a taser in a Twitch livestream in July, about a month after publicly disclosing his diagnosis. The treatment made him feel weak and nauseous.

Let me tell you something that is real, and it absolutely sucks — a side effect of the chemotherapy is you get something called ‘chemo brain.’ And for me, I forget things that I just should have on call like people’s names, song titles, anything

Mark Hoppus, singer of Blink-182

Through everything, Hoppus kept extremely positive. “We’re beating this cancer,” he said in the livestream. “It’s just a matter of time.” In September, he announced his oncologist had declared him “cancer free.”

Thank God and universe and friends and family and everyone who sent support and kindness and love, still have to get scanned every six months and it’ll take me until the end of the year to get back to normal, but today is an amazing day and I feel so blessed. Can I get a W in the chat?Blink-182‘s Mark Hoppus to Instagram

This Thanksgiving, Hoppus shared how blessed he felt while looking back on his journey.

“I have so much to be thankful for today. This photo is from June, halfway through chemo, no idea if it was working or not, relegated to the bathroom floor, retching.

If I ever complain about something trivial or unimportant, please show me this photo to remind me of how bad things can be, and how truly blessed I am. I hope you all have an amazing day with friends and family. Happy Thanksgiving.Mark Hoppus in the aforementioned Instagram post

The comment section below the post is filled with a sea of heart emojis and supportive comments for Hoppus.

In October, Hoppus had the chance to return to the stage and took part in his Blink-182 bandmate Travis Barker’s House of Horrors concert special.