Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus shoots down rumours of Tom DeLonge’s return to the band

Author Samuel Järvinen - 3.8.2022

Tom DeLonge has added Blink-182 back to his Instagram profile recently. This had fans online excitedly waiting for DeLonge to announce that he would be returning to the ranks of the pop punk sensation. It also didn’t help that DeLonge shared a picture of Blink-182 on social media.

Now, however, Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus sadly shoots down rumours of DeLonge’s return. Hoppus said the following on his Discord channel:

“There is no news to share. There is no announcement. Today is thirty years of blink-182! If and when blink has any announcement about anything, you will hear it from the official blink-182 outlets. Not teased on a radio station like ‘tune in for a major announcement…Tom tagged Mark in a photo from two decades ago.’”

Hoppus also says that Blink-182 will be going on tour again soon.