Blind Channel will have their own cruise in December 2022

Author Stefanie Nysand - 22.8.2022

Blind Channel are going to have their very own cruise, starting on 27 December 2022 from the city Turku in the band’s home country Finland and arriving on 28 December 2022 in Sweden’s capital Stockholm (from where the cruiseferry will return right away to Turku). In other words: The cruise on the Baltic Sea is happening right before Blind Channel‘s big show at the Helsinki Ice Hall on 29 December 2022 in Finland’s capital Helsinki.

“Blind Channel – The Cruise” will take place on Silja Line’s cruiseferry “Baltic Princess”. Tickets can be ordered via the Finnish travel website “Matkapojat” which says on its website that – due to Blind Channel‘s impressive achievements – “we felt that it is more than deserved to rent the whole ship just for the band’s fans and to fill the entire cruise with a Blind Channel-themed programme.”

In addition to a full concert by Blind Channel, there will be an acoustic performance and a DJ set. Also Meet & Greet events will be arranged. The participation in such a Meet & Greet event can only be won through various raffles which will be organised throughout this autumn on the social media channels of both the band and the organisers of the cruise. Furthermore, there will be a live interview and a quiz on “Blind Channel – The Cruise”.