Blind Channel: “Making-of” and alternative music video for “Bad Idea” released

Author Stefanie Nysand - 5.5.2022

More than two months after the release of their current single “Bad Idea“, Blind Channel have released the “making-of” for its music video. You can check out the “making-of” below:

As the “making-of” suggests, a completely different music video for “Bad Idea” was originally shot before the band had “another idea”. Now, the initial music video has been released as an alternative version. You can check out the alternative music video below:

Like the official music video, the alternative version was directed by Georgius Misjura from the production company “Vita Pictura”. Furthermore, the alternative music video was shot at the “Cathouse Club & Concert Hall” in Estonia’s capital Tallinn.

After “Dark Side“, “Balboa” and “We Are No Saints“, “Bad Idea” is the fourth single from Blind Channel‘s upcoming 4th studio album “Lifestyles Of The Sick & Dangerous” which will be released on 8 July 2022 via Century Media Records / Sony Music.

If you missed the official music video for “Bad Idea“, you can check it out below: