Blackmore’s Night welcomes back on stage two founding members

Author Benedetta Baldin - 27.5.2024

Blackmore’s Night, the renaissance-inspired rock band formed by Ritchie Blackmore and wife Candice Night, will return to the stage in June and July 2024 in the United States.

Join us this summer as the mystical fires glow at midnight. To all our friends, fans, Blackmore’s Night Family: grab your tambourine or your tankard of ale, and sing and dance with Blackmore’s Night ‘Under A Violet Moon.’ Let us transport you back in time to a magical evening with music that will brighten your hearts and soul.

Confirmed dates:

Jun. 22 – The Sherman Theater – Stroudsburg, PA
Jun. 23 – District Music Hall – Norwalk, CT
Jun. 30 – Academy of Music – Northampton, MA
Jul. 5 – The Vogel – Red Bank, NJ
Jul. 6 – The Vogel – Red Bank, NJ

Blackmore’s Night‘s music can be defined as Renaissance folk rock. A unique and original genre of music inspired by the melodies and the tradition of the Renaissance period, “Blackmore-ized” into contemporary music. And what a success it has been since it all started… They are one of the most successful acoustic projects of all time, remaining a best-seller for over 25 years, while maintaining the purity of its original intention intact.

The band’s last album, “Nature’s Light”, brought the band back to the German Top 10 (No. 7) and it has reinforced the relationship with the fanbase all over the world. In the age of digital music and streaming platforms, new fans discover Blackmore’s Night every single day.

Candice Night contributes her unique, entrancing vocals as well as seven medieval woodwinds, including chanters, shawms, pennywhistles and recorders. Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee and celebrated Deep Purple and Rainbow guitarist Ritchie Blackmore plays instead acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin, mandola, and hurdy-gurdy. Let’s not forget keyboardist/back-up vocalist Bard David; violinist Scarlett Fiddler; back-up vocalist/rhythm guitarist Lady Jessie; bassist/rhythmic guitarist Earl Grey; and percussionist Troubadour Of Aberdeen.

2022 marked the official 25th anniversary of Blackmore’s Night. This year in 2024, they celebrate the 25th year of their third CD, “Fires At Midnight”. A 25th-year edition of “Fires…” will be released by earMUSIC, as with the debut album, the music has been remixed from the original multi-track masters for a new sonic experience. In addition, Candice has been working intensely on very personal and intense solo music, which will be pure joy for anybody who has loved Blackmore’s Night.

The Wizard’s Consort will be opening the musical evening of concerts with Blackmores Night.

We feel very strongly at helping local no-kill animal shelters. So, wherever we play, we always invite a local animal shelter or animal rescue organization to set up a donation table at our concert. We are happy to announce that the following organizations will be present at our upcoming concerts to help raise funds for our less fortunate furry friends.

Details about the organizations for each concert, as well as ticket pre-sales are available here.