Black Label Society hits studio to record a new album

Author Arto Mäenpää - 29.4.2024

Black Label Society is forging ahead with their twelfth studio album, as revealed by vocalist / guitarist Zakk Wylde in a recent interview with Nickelsack Jack. According to Wylde, tracking for the upcoming album is already in progress.

Actually, when I get done talking to you, I’m going to [my studio] Black Vatican. I’m tracking some more stuff today right now. So during the times I’m home, I’ll be doing some recording and stuff like that for the next album. I’ve gotta pick my spot for when I’m home. Then [I] can do some recording, and then, before you know it, we’re back out on the road again,” Wylde shared.

In addition to his work with Black Label Society, Wylde has been keeping busy as the touring guitarist for the ongoing reunion of Texas-based groove metal legends Pantera.