Black Crucifixion celebrates 30 years of chaos with “Triginta”

Author Maria Goe - 16.12.2021

“Triginta” is a title given to an album that celebrates three decades of Finnish black metal band Black Crucifixion known for wandering among old school black metal but with a hint of modernity.

The album contains nine tracks: three of the songs are new, and the other songs are live versions of some of their previously released classics. “Night Birds Fall Upon You” is a new track that opens the album and is the one that leans more towards the side of old school black metal leaving the cold atmosphere with its torn vocals, and has very interesting drum lines in the middle from the song to the end. It is followed by “Beyond Linkola”, a track that I liked the most not only for the bass lines much more marked than usual, but also for passages that vary between the melodic and electrifying guitar riffs.

Throneburner” is the third song of the album. It’s one of the new songs, but it’s already a strong candidate to become one of the band’s classics with a chorus that echoes in our souls.

The following tracks are live versions of songs that were present in Black Crucifixion‘s 30 years on the road, which makes the album practically a gift to all the legacy that the band has left until now being another work with excellent quality and creativity.


  1. Night Birds Fall Upon You
  2. Beyond Linkola
  3. Throneburner
  4. Bitten by the Long Frosts of Life [live]
  5. Frailest [live]
  6. As Black as the Roses (as Weak as my Smile) [live]
  7. Wrath without Hate [live]
  8. Retaliation [live]
  9. Black Crucifixion [live]