Better late than never: rock band Dawn After Dark, formed in 1986, finally released their debut album

Author Samuel Järvinen - 5.1.2022

English rock band Dawn After Dark was formed in 1986. Operating in the Birmingham rock scene, the band released their first short album in 1988, followed by a couple of singles in 1989.

The band have clearly taken their time with their debut album, as their first full-length album ‘New Dawn Rising’ was not released until December 2021.

The band’s lead singer Howard ‘H’ Johnson told Classic Rock why the album took so long to be released:

“The eighties was an entirely different world – trying to get somebody to pay attention to you, trying to get some records out, trying to play as many shows as you could. We did all that, and inevitably there were fallings out. The biggest was a falling out about something that didn’t exist – there was talk of a publishing deal, which started arguments about who merited what. Of course, that never became a reality, but by that time everything fractured anyway. “