Behemoth donates the money Polish UNICEF didn’t accept from them to children’s hospital

Author Flavia Andrade - 8.8.2023

Blackened death metallers Behemoth recently sold black teddy bears in an effort to raise money for the Polish arm of UNICEF. However, the band’s donation was not accepted by UNICEF because of “the nature of the messages accompanying the products you sell”. In other words: the Polish branch of UNICEF has a problem with Behemoth‘s imagery.

The band now revealed that they have donated the 10,000 złoty (about $2,485.80 USD) to Szpital Dziecięcy Polanki, a children’s hospital. Behemoth‘s webstore has posted a message on Instagram, which you can read below:

Legions! The whole profit from sales of 100 teddies turned out to be (rounded up) 10 000 PLN (around 2200 EUR). We’ve decided to directly support the biggest children’s hospital in Nergal’s (and mine) hometown, @gdansk_official – Szpital Dziecięcy Polanki. They are making the real miracles saving kids lives. Thank you Legions for being so generous. The document attached is a transfer confirmation which I wanted to post as a proof we’ve done it.