Photo credit: Teppo Ristola

Before The Dawn signs worldwide deal with Napalm Records, new album out in 2023

Author Flavia Andrade - 10.12.2022

Before The Dawn are now back in the studio and ready to take to stages with a brand new lineup. The band started as Finnish Metal Award winning Tuomas Saukkonen’s (Wolfheart) solo project, but throughout the years, there have been many lineup changes. With the new lineup, the band introduces its biggest changes so far. Previous guitarist and vocalist Saukkonen has moved behind the drums, and talented Voice Of Finland 2022 finalist Paavo Laapotti has taken on all vocalist duties.

Sebastian Münch, A&R of Napalm Records states:

“Tuomas Saukkonen and I have been working together with Wolfheart for a couple years now and from time to time we talked about bringing Before The Dawn back.
Last year, when the band released the single “The Final Storm“, I was absolutely amazed by how good the new song turned out. Now being part of releasing a new full length studio album, and it being the first one in over a decade, is a great honor!”

Saukkonen comments on the signing:

“One cornerstone of the Before The Dawn comeback plan and fundamental criteria was that we needed to find strong enough partners, in addition to our long time Fin label Stay Heavy Records, that will raise the band to a whole new level after a decade of slumber. We could not be happier about the newly signed contract with the mighty Napalm Records and we are absolutely ecstatic for the fact that the new BTD album will be in the best possible hands when it sees the light of the day worldwide in 2023.”