Balenciaga unveils a wallet-draining heavy metal fashion collection

Author Arto Mäenpää - 20.1.2024

If the notion of band merchandise prices soaring due to merch cuts left you disheartened, brace yourself for more wallet-wincing news. Balenciaga, the esteemed French luxury fashion house, has introduced a ‘DIY Metal’ line featuring long sleeves embellished with metal-inspired Balenciaga logos priced at a staggering $1,000. Additionally, t-shirts boasting similar prints come with a hefty price tag of $825.

But that’s not all – the extravagance extends to cargo bags retailing for $2,800, hats at $495, wallets for $325, socks at $150, and more. Explore this opulent collection at, where each item reflects not just a fashion statement but also a substantial dent in your budget.