Photo credit: Bryan Kirks

Bad Omens and Poppy premiere “V.A.N.” music video

Author Flavia Andrade - 25.1.2024

Bad Omens and Poppy have debuted their new single “V.A.N.“. The track was written and produced by Bad Omens vocalist Noah Sebastian, and is to be featured on Bad Omens‘ upcoming “Concrete Jungle” soundtrack. The “Concrete Jungle” universe will be part of Bad Omens‘ comic book series.

You can find out more here.

Noah Sebastian said:

That’s a song that started just with the hook ‘Violence against nature’, and then after saving the project with the acronym and seeing it we realized it could be fun to think of ‘VAN’ as a name. Thus the rabbit hole of ideas began that led us to decide to write lyrics from the perspective of an artificial intelligence gone rogue.

The music video is a short film that was co-written by Sebastian, Poppy and Garrett Nicholson. The latter two co-directed it.

You can watch the video below: