Averlanche has released a new dark EP – Mikael Salo as guest singer

Author Benedetta Baldin - 26.4.2024

The Helsinki-based melodic metal band Averlanche, founded in 2017, has released a sequel to their second album “Arctic Atlas,” published in 2023. “The Dark Side Of Atlas” EP contains the previously released single “She & the Dark Winter” and three remixed songs from the Arctic Atlas album. Mikael Salo, who is known for the bands Metal De FactoDyecrest and Everfrost, is featured as a guest singer on the EP.

“Originally, our plan was to invite Mikael as a guest artist to sing duets with Rebecca. This collaboration started already in November 2022, and by January 2023 we had recorded Mikael’s vocal tracks for three songs. However, during the mixing process of the ‘Arctic Atlas’ album, both our team and our record company came to the conclusion that the songs did not require guest vocals. Since Mikael had done an excellent job, we decided to keep his versions of the songs for possible future use. This decision gave birth to the idea of ‘The Dark Side of Atlas’ EP.”

Antti Kopra

Listen to the EP on music services (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal etc): https://push.fm/fl/averlanche-tdsoa

Two new lyric videos have been released from the “The Dark Side of Atlas” EP:
She & the Dark Winter“: 

Atlas of Hearts (Alternative Version) feat. Mikael Salo

In the spring of 2023, Averlanche released their second studio album “Arctic Atlas,” which received a positive reception in music media around Europe. The first concert of the Arctic Atlas tour was at the JääliCityRokki festival in June 2023, and next you can see the band in Helsinki on June 6th at On the Rocks with Memoira and Segmentia.

“The Dark Side Of Atlas”

to be published: 26/04/2024 (digitally)


  1. She & the Dark Winter (Album Version)
  2. Atlas of Hearts (Alternative Version) feat. Mikael Salo
  3. Arctica (Alternative Version) feat. Mikael Salo
  4. She & the Dark Winter (Alternative Version) feat. Mikael Salo

Averlanche 2024:
Vocals: Rebecca Spörl

Guitar: Otto Haalahti

Bass: Joona Tirkkonen

Keyboards: Antti Kopra

Drums: Henri Tenhunen