Atheist vocalist Kelly Shaeffer’s Till The Dirt announces debut LP, “Outside The Spiral”

Author Hernan Osuna - 2.7.2023

American death metal band Till The Dirt (helmed by Atheist frontman Kelly Shaefer) will release its debut full-length effort “Outside The Spiral” on August 25 via Nuclear Blast Records.

The group has also shared a new song, the title track “Outside The Spiral“. The new track, which you can listen to below, features a guest appearance from Testament bassist Steve Di Giorgio.

Speaking about the new song, Kelly Shaefer says, “Outside The Spiral was the very first of over 25 songs I wrote for what would become the debut for Till The Dirt. However I didn’t start with the intention of a new band or album, I was writing and recording Atheist ideas during the early lockdown of Covid. So when I finished the demo, I sent it to people I trust to give me honest opinions, one being bassist extraordinaire Steve Di Giorgio and the other legendary producer Scott Burns. Both agreed that it was something of a hybrid… sort of a different path. Inevitably it was inspiring to hear the positive feedback. Scott Burns then agreed to produce this record, and Steve agreed to play bass on this track.”

Di Giorgio adds, “Kelly and I go back with our own bands as far as 1987, Raging Death comp. I’ve always appreciated the level and precision that Atheist played, and admired the multifaceted vocals of Mr. Shaefer. When he hit me up to throw down a bass track on his new project it was a no-brainer. Hell yes! Not only was it an easy decision based on my old friend, Scott Burns, being involved… but Kelly gave ME the choice of which track appealed to me. I chose Outside The Spiral for the eerily spacial riffs and the trippiness of the vocals. Both qualities befitting my whacked out fretless contributions on bass. Killer track on a killer new album…enjoy!”

Track List:

01-Starring Role
02-Outside The Spiral
04-As It Seems
06-Forest Of Because
07-Who Awaits
08-Insist And Demand
09-The Good The Bad The Other
10-Watch You Grow Old
11-Bring On The Gods