As Gomorrah Burns, Cryptopsy’s statement to reigning supreme over extreme metal

Author Oussama El Ouadie - 19.9.2023

Cryptopsy‘s latest album is an electrifying burst of relentless blast beats and unbridled aggression, perfectly encapsulating the essence of extreme metal. “As Gomorrah Burns” reiterates the fundamental elements that define this Canadian band’s identity: lightning-fast riffs, mind-spinning tremolo picking patterns, machinegun-like blast beats, and bone-crushing breakdowns and chugs that leave you breathless. This formula has established Cryptopsy‘s dominance in the brutal death metal world for nearly three decades.

In hindsight, musically, the album delivers precisely what you’d expect from the band. However, after an 11-year gap since their last full-length release and four years since their EP, you would think you might be in for a surprise. Yet, you quickly realize that any enduring, consistent musical project is rooted in attitude and values which are the pillar of its existence. In this case, you can feel Cryptopsy‘s unyielding fury and aggression oozing from every riff and blast beat.

Production has consistently been one of Cryptopsy‘s strengths, especially since guitarist/producer Christian Donaldson joined the ranks. He elevated Flo Mounier and the band to new heights in terms of guitar tones and the precision of their production.

This album stands as further evidence that extreme metal remains alive and well, resilient, and waterproof to passing trends. It offers a valuable lesson in authenticity, showcasing the band’s unwavering dedication to their craft.