Aryokal publishes a new single “The Great Bridge-Builder”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 21.2.2024

Aryokal unveils a new single “The Great Bridge-Builder “from the upcoming album “Letters Of Last Resort”, to be released on the 12th of April 2024. 

Infused with Pekka Loponen’s vocals and evocative rhythms, this single reflects on the influence of the Roman empire across history. This synthwave-y piece acts as the opener for the upcoming debut album. Laying a thick weave of rhythmic tension, the song is the third and last single off the soon-to-be-released album. 

As a precursor to their highly anticipated album “Letters Of Last Resort”, “The Great Bridge-Builder” has an accompanying video for the single, made by Pekka Loponen. 

Available now on all major streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer etc):


Aryokal is a duo from Helsinki, Finland. Known for creating electronic music on the brink of darkness, the band has released several singles throughout its history. The members have years of experience in different bands, for example, Hanging GardenThe ChantCounting Hours, and Minutian. The upcoming debut album “Letters Of The Last Resort” will showcase the duo’s modern electronic production with Pekka Loponen’s captivating vocals. 

After the release of their previous singles “The Completionist” and “This Is Where It Happened“, the debut album has been finalized and will be released on the 12th of April, 2024. The album will feature seven songs that explore the ongoing deconstruction of modern civilization piece by piece. 

  1. The Great Bridge-Builder
  2. Lovecraftian Ending
  3. Decapitative Strike
  4. This Is Where It Happened
  5. Damnatio Memoriae
  6. The Completionist
  7. EEE

Aryokal is Antti Ruokola & Pekka Loponen. 

All music by Ruokola, vocals by Loponen. All visuals by Loponen. The singles and Letters Of Last Resort -album mastered by Jussi Hämäläinen. Promo picture by Jani Kormu.