Armored Saint’s John Bush recalls the time he turned down a job as Metallica’s lead singer: “It just was not my destiny to be the singer of Metallica”

Author Samuel Järvinen - 3.1.2022

Some time ago, metal giants Metallica’s James Hetfield spoke on his SiriusXM radio show about the times when Metallica was looking for a singer. John Bush of Anthrax and Armored Saint fame was asked to be the singer, but he turned the job down.

Now Bush himself recalls those days in a recent interview with Waste Some Time.

“I’ve been talking about this for many years now. I’m always gonna be completely super flattered about the fact that I was asked to join Metallica back in the early ’80s. It just was never meant to be my destiny, is what I always say. There’s no other singer that should have been the singer of Metallica other than James Hetfield. That was meant to be, and that’s kind of the way I see it. Like I say, I’m always flattered that I’m always connected to the history of that band — it’s a huge feather in my cap, so to speak — but at the end of the day, it just was not my destiny to be the singer of Metallica. I had a different fate in store.”

According to Hetfield himself, Bush had told him that he was so busy with his own band that the plan fell through.