Armiferum: cinematic music video for “Heavy Heart” released

Author Daniel Agapito - 28.5.2024

Brazilian band Armiferum has released a music video for “Heavy Heart“, a track from their debut album, “Reach for the Light”, in a version remixed by the band’s guitarist, Guto Cardozo.

Within the concept of the album “Reach for the Light”, “Heavy Heart” portrays a request from the Bringer of War to The Merchant. Taking advantage of a crisis that humanity was going through, the absolutely ill-intentioned Bringer of War requests Pandora’s Box from the Merchant, seeking a solution to the imminent catastrophe, but when Pandora opens the box, the world collapses into war, according to the Bearer’s wishes.

Watch the video clip below:

The music video for “Heavy Heart” was recorded and produced by Rafael Agostino, with a script by Guto Cardozo and VFX by Vithor Moraes. Performances include Aline Miyazato as War Bearer, Stephanie Cecília as Pandora and Rodrigo Rizo as The Merchant. The production also features makeup by Aline Miyazato and an additional team including Ana Paula Dias, Daniela Duarte, Fernanda Kaori and Paula Diana.

The launch also celebrates Armiferum‘s first international tour, which took place obetween the 5th and 7th of April in Argentina, passing through Burzaco, Caba and Morón, in the province of Buenos Aires. On these occasions, Armiferum played at the 10th anniversary celebration of the band InnerForce and also alongside local bands Psycho Poker, Requiem For Edén, Enausencia, Del Infierno, Lulia, Tuerkas, K-Tion and Mi Mundo.

Armiferum is a prog/power Metal band with elements of extreme metal, presenting a sound that is complex and enchanting. The diversity and technical qualities of the musicians brings a modern air to their work by combining 3 very complex genres in a very natural way. The band was formed in 2020 and its current lineup includes Ian Gonçalves on vocals, Guto Cardozo and Fred Barros on guitars, Rafael Bochnia on bass, Vithor Moraes on keyboard and Ivan Macedo on drums.

Despite the recency of “Reach For The Light”, the band already has another entire album practically finished, which should soon enter the final phase of production. Their debut had excellent repercussions among the public and specialized critics, earning Armiferum nominations as best band of the year by Mariutti Team Zine (magazine commanded by Luís Mariutti, former Angra and Shaman bassist) and placing them among the 16 bands selected from hundreds of entries for the semi-finals of the competition promoted by Rockfun Fest.

Listen to the band’s debut album below:

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