Annihilator’s Jeff Waters talks about his fight against COVID: “It Took Me Six Months To Get My Lungs Back”

Author Samuel Järvinen - 21.2.2022

Jeff Waters, singer-guitarist of Canadian thrash metal veterans Annihilator, revealed some time ago that he suffered from after-effects of the coronavirus for up to six months after his infection.

Now Waters has spoken a little about his battle with the virus in an interview with Belgian Jasper.

 “I caught COVID in April 2020, in the beginning. I had a bad, nasty one. I didn’t get as far as my friend Will Carroll from Death Angel where I got put into an induced coma in a hospital, but I got pretty close there for 12 days. It was one of those ‘human sitting on your chest’ and when you breathe in and out, it sounded like a crackling fire, like a bad asthma attack. And I made it through the 12 days without the ventilation, and I thought I was good. It took me six months to get my lungs back — six months. It was, like, ‘What?’ And then I had a hernia thing. It got bad and I had a surgery then. And then kidney stones from eating like crap. So since then, I’ve just done it all. I’ve been walking. I eat the most incredible diet that you would not believe… And I finally got the energy back. But, yeah, it was a year and a half of that”, Waters says and continues:

 “Compared to some of the people I know and that we know and that the world knows, I had it easy. I’m lucky that I’m relatively healthy and there are good people and I’m not in financial danger and [I have] a lot of friends and a lot of support. And you know what? Despite the ridiculous leadership here and the government of the U.K. — I didn’t say that; I’m not political, publicly — but despite all that, they have an amazing health care system. And me as a Canadian who had a good life in Canada when I was there four years ago, the U.K. health care system is freakin’ awesome. So I was a lucky guy compared to a lot of people.”