Ancient Flame is getting ready to release a new EP ‘Manifesto’

Author Benedetta Baldin - 25.1.2024

Ancient Flame, hailing from Turku, Finland, is excited to announce the release of a new five-song EP, titled ‘Manifesto’. Containing five brand new melodic songs, the band brings forth another chapter of its traditional style melodic heavy metal. The release date is set 01/26/2024, and the EP will be available digitally only, in most streaming services.

Active since 2017, Ancient Flame has previously published one full-length album, ‘Blood Stained the Barren Land’ (2022). The band is led by Risto Hämäläinen, who is known e.g. as a former live line-up vocalist of Therion. He has also been in charge of recording and mixing this EP.  Loaded with layered vocal harmonies, blistering metal soundscapes, and vivid storytelling; the fans of traditional style heavy/symphonic metal will be in for a treat with this manifesto, for sure!


1.      The Antidote
2.      Defender
3.      Bear and Wolf 
4.      Manifesto      
5.       His Senile Majesty