Amaranthe hit Leipzig with Infected Rain and Dragonforce: Check out the photo gallery from the show!

Author Christine Heinrich - 26.2.2024

At 6:40 p.m., the metal storm kicks off with Infected Rain at the Haus Auensee in Leipzig. Unfortunately, a bit earlier than planned, causing some fans to miss seeing the Moldovan band led by the charismatic frontwoman singer Elena Cataraga, a.k.a. “Lena Scissorhands” from the very beginning. The band has arrived with their new album “Time” which they passionately present to the audience. Ms. Lena Scissorhands effortlessly navigates through the songs with her voice, allowing the audience to experience growls, enchanting clean vocals and shouts.

“We all are fading away, Just like fading, dying light” – the “Time” has come for their own headliner tour!

Setlist Infected Rain:
The Realm Of Chaos
Dying Light
Never To Return
Because I Let You
Sweet, Sweet Lies

Just before 8 p.m. confetti bombs explode and between oversized video games the DragonForce guys around Marc Hudson and their phenomenal bassist Alicia Vigil shake the hall! An energy erupts with the music and there’s no holding back for the audience. With their enthusiasm, the British band catapults themselves into the ears of the audience that supports the band with precise lyrics. Herman Li and Sam Totman deliver astonishingly fast melodies! Amazing!

There is an extraordinary live band on stage and true to the motto “It’s a doomsday party at the old town hall, A doomsday party and a disco ball” the fans celebrate together with the speed metal band and a setlist that showcases the skills of the entire band. Two covers flutter into the audience’s ears that DragonForce truly make their own: Céline Dion‘s worldwide hit “My Heart Will Go On” and Taylor Swift‘s “Wildest Dreams” which can be found on some formats of the upcoming album “Warp Speed Warriors”. Two more new songs are presented by the metal stars of fast melodies, increasing the anticipation for the new album!

Be sure to mark March 15, 2024 on your calendar! On this day “Warp Speed Warriors” will be released by Napalm Records. This can only be absolutely fantastic!

Setlist DragonForce:
Revolution Deathsquad
Cry Thunder
Power Of The Triforce
Soldiers Of The Wasteland
The Last Dragonborn
Fury The Storm
Doomsday Party
My Heart Will Go On (Céline Dion Cover)
Wildest Dreams (Taylor Swift Cover)
Through The Fire And Flames

Just after half past nine, the hall of the Haus Auensee darkens once more and the six fantastic musicians of Amaranthe enter the stage. Their seventh studio album “The Catalyst” was released just in February and right on time for the Leipzig concert, the video for the album’s title song “The Catalyst” saw the light of day. Yet another great reason to celebrate this evening.

The band has been impressing her audience for more than 15 years, constantly reinventing themselves. The new album delves into the changes of time, people and the insatiable world: “Spinning all around, Let the mob control your mind, It’s irresistible, And I swear we are unchangeable, Hit the ground, Don’t you dare to make a sound, You know just what we are, Yeah, this world is insatiable.”

The band’s live performances are an absolute auditory delight! The three voices harmonize in such a magnificent way that time flies by and you can’t wait for the next song, while at the same time wishing that the current one would never end! The incredibly beautiful Elize Ryd provides a strong contrast to her bandmates Nils Molin and Mikael Sehlin with her powerful yet angelic voice. Incredible!

The over 3,000 listeners hang on to every word from the Swedes, singing all seventeen songs with dedication and causing the venue to tremble! Only during the ballads the audience become quieter and the flashlights of mobile phones create a sea of lights. An absolute goosebump-inducing feeling fills the Haus Auensee. The wonderful “Amaranthine” begins with only the enchanting voice of Elize and the gentle sounds of Olof Mörck‘s keyboard. An absolute dream, for which the audience shows their appreciation with thunderous applause, bringing tears to the eyes of some fans including me!

The band is an energetic live highlight and will be performing in over twenty locations across Europe! An absolute must-see! An absolute concert masterpiece that will definitely linger and remain in memory!

Setlist Amaranthe:
Digital World
Damnation Flame
Amaranthine (with acoustic intro)
The Nexus
That Song
Drop Dead Cynical