Alt-rock artist Wilmo explores flip side of typical breakup anthems in new single “Heartbreaker” out on March 1st

Author Benedetta Baldin - 26.2.2024

Chicago-based alternative-rock artist Wilmo announces the release of his energetic, fast-paced single, “Heartbreaker“. Scheduled for release on Friday, March 1st, the track promises to take listeners’ ears on a unique ride filled with a blend of alternative rock and rap-inspired verses. 

Coming from the basement of a small town on the outskirts of Chicago, Wilmo’s approach to “Heartbreaker” is reminiscing on a past relationship in which he was the heartbreaker, instead of the heartbroken. 

“‘Heartbreaker” tells the story of a relationship I felt trapped in, where I had to sail away (leave the girl) and deal with the aftermath of waves and storms (her heart being broken). Eventually, I ended up at rock bottom, where I had to swim back up to try and mend things with her,” says Wilmo. “I dealt with a lot of emotions, such as guilt and regret, but ultimately, I had to realize that it must not have been ‘meant to be’ if it was so easy for me to go and break her heart.”

Inspired by pop-punk icon Machine Gun Kelly and filled with rap-inspired lyrics from Juice WRLD’s influences, “Heartbreaker” is sure to give fans of alternative rock exactly what they are craving for in newer artists. 

Through releasing “Heartbreaker”, Wilmo continues to push the boundaries of his artistry, delivering a track that embraces his storytelling abilities more than ever before. The song’s personal, realistic perspective sets it apart from all his previous releases, highlighting Wilmo’s evolution as an independent artist. 

With 2,200 monthly listeners on Spotify, Wilmo’s success in the alt-rock space is further testified through “Heartbreaker”. As a follow-up to his hit 2023 single “Standing There” which is currently at 13,000 streams on Spotify, Wilmo is bound to break barriers in 2024 independently.

Heartbreaker” will be available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, allowing fans worldwide to enjoy Wilmo‘s latest masterpiece.